Berkeley Street Capital

human-powered, technology driven.

Berkeley Street Capital is a data-driven investment fund, leveraging quantitative methods and emerging technologies to achieve world-class results.





Research That Combines Innovative Thinking with
Data Science.

We have a history of delivering best-in-class results.

Trusted by leading professionals, family offices, and management teams around the globe, we bring together our collective experience to deliver superior returns for our capital partners.
Leveraging the disciplines of mathematics, finance, and data science, we apply algorithmic trading models to maximize the value of big data provided by financial markets.

Complex Data.

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   "Our Approach\n" +

"Real-Time Data for Strategic Insights\n"

We recognize that markets are dynamic and constantly evolving, and as such, our strategy is designed to adapt in tandem. We utilize a broad range of diversified strategies based on a unified set of underlying principles that provide superior returns for our capital partners.


Innovative Thinking

Our Research

Team Diversity

Let's Work Together.

Our strategies aren't just numbers and code;
it's a product of our team's dedication,
expertise, and innovation.